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Book launch Contemporary Curaçao, A Caribbean Community Recently the book launch of 'Contemporary Curaçao. A Caribbean Community' did take place in the University of Curaçao. The editors are Ieteke Witteveen, Wim Kamps and Guido Rojer, Jr.  and the publisher is  Caribpublishing BV. This book, Contemporary Curaçao, is a collection of 26 articles, which cover topics ranging from history, economics, law, gender issues, and sustainability to art and culture, presents a compact but thorough introduction to the island of Curaçao. All the articles have been written by local academic experts. The book is an excellent tool for those who are in need of an overview of the island’s historic and current issues of this new Caribbean country.

View on the Barrio, ‘Zicht op de Buurt: Wacao’, 26/11/2011, 9/12/2011 in Napa, Amigoe, is the first of a series of articles on micro histories of Curacao’s neighborhoods.

Cultural rights, the big hiatus in the Constitution of Curaçao, 2009 in The Daily Herald, argues that culture has been overlooked in the first constitution of Curacao. Even a normative framework, a philosophical starting point in the form of a preamble, is lacking. This lack of understanding of culture as a basic need, as a housing for the mind, makes the constitution soulless.

Tambú, intangible cultural heritage of Curacao, 2010, arguments for safeguarding this popular and authentic Afro-Curaçaoan heritage.

René Römer over Cultureel Erfgoed en de Restauratie van het Geheugen, 2006, is one of the articles dedicated to the sociologist Rene Römer in Rene Römer als inspirator. It discusses the method used by Prof. Dr. Rene Römer to understand Curacao’s customs and traditions. His approach of the Yaya figure is critically reviewed.

Culture, mental diseases and traditional healing rituals, 23/2/2012, lecture on occasion of a seminar on Hearing Voices, with Mental Health Institute and the Social Faculty of the University of the Netherlands Antilles.

Felix Chakutoe, heroe of the 1922 port strike, 2011, First of May speech on the occasion of the revelation of the restored statue of Felix Chakutoe, after having been stolen and destroyed.

Ashkenazi and documenting Curaçao’s 20th century: February 9, 2010 speech on the occasion of the book presentation of Jeanette van Ditzhuijzen’s, Een sjtetl in de Tropen, narrating the history of the Ashkenazi Jews in Curaçao.

Un museo di enseñansa na Kòrsou: un ruta pa reskatá memoria, 2010, Speech on occasion of the International Day of Education in Curacao.

Banda Bou, alma di Kòrsou, 2010, with Leon Weeber, an anthropological study about culture and development in the 20th century in the rural, Western, side of Curacao.

Altá i Santunan di Kòrsou, 2006, with Bob Harms, an interpretative study of the religious and spiritual collections of Father P. Brenneker and Elis Juliana, managed by NAAM Foundation.


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