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IDA_Sa of Ieteke Witteveen is a recently founded cultural company, based in Curacao, Caribbean.
Its main goal is to conduct anthropological research, - oral history and action research-, and deliver services and advice in the area of cultural heritage, safeguarding traditional knowledge, museums, tourism, neigborhood- and community participation and artist management. 
The company presents these expertises and services as Cultural Resources Management
Culture is fundamental for human development and emancipation.  

Documentary: Sephardic Jews, on both sides of the Caribbean Sea

Sephardic Jewish and their descendents in Curaçao and Coro, Venezuela, are the protagonists of the documentary that brings to life a Jewish heritage on both sides of the Caribbean Sea.

Documentary about Luis Brion

Luis Brion
Almirante di Libertat
Almirante de la Libertad
admiraal van de vrijheid
admiral of liberty

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