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Seminar Methods of Social Participation in Territorial Planning, 27-28 March 2012

Seminar and projectweek on methods for social participation in territorial planning.

Curaçao has 282 neighborhoods from which 104 (36 %) don’t reach the average for a livable neighborhood according to the social indicators identified by Curaçao Bureau of Statistics. On the other hand many disarticulated actions to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods are taking place at the moment by different government institutions, who mainly focus on physical interventions, leaving behind the social and environmental aspects of the problem.

Within this context the University of the Netherlands Antilles has undertaken a sequence of activities regarding urban development and social transformation (social and human sciences) of Curacaos neighborhoods. 
Curaçao has been dealing with community development since the seventies and the inhabitants of the neighborhoods are well organized. Nevertheless their wishes have merely been taken into consideration when making master plans. Often there has been given priority to fast economic benefits for the island.
We are working with the hypothesis that the Community Based Organizations must be involved in all the steps of development of the process :
• Needs identification
• Choice of priorities
• Program of activities
• Production of equipments and facilities
• Management and Maintenance of works and facilities
• Process Evaluation

Objectives of the seminars:
• Transfer of knowledge of issues related to territorial planning and urbanism that are of interest for the development of the quality of life in our neighborhoods through the analysis of case studies and their applicability to the local reality. human sciences) of Curacaos neighborhoods.
Key note speakers, through Urbam, Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Ambientales EAFIT:  ir Francesco Orsini , Director Plan Bio 2030 Medellin, co autor book Urbanismo Social
Through URBA, l'Unité d'Urbanisme et Développement territorial/Université Catholique de Louvain: Prof Bernard Decleve (engineer –architect.- Belgian), Professor at UCL
Neighborhoods an Socal participation in Curacao will be presented by the anthropologist  Ieteke Witteveen, March 28, 2012.

Documentary: Sephardic Jews, on both sides of the Caribbean Sea

Sephardic Jewish and their descendents in Curaçao and Coro, Venezuela, are the protagonists of the documentary that brings to life a Jewish heritage on both sides of the Caribbean Sea.

Both countries have a history in common, which is reflected in the surnames, such as Henriquez, Senior, Penso, Capriles, Curiel, Maduro, but the current generation does not know what the shared history is. The documentary is focused on the memory dating from the 19th century, more precisely from the year 1819 when the first Jewish immigrants settled on the mainland of Gran Colombia, a country that enshrined them the right to freedom of religion as well as the same rights of any citizen. The storyline is the visit of a Venezuelan businessman from the coastal city of Coro who travels as a tourist to Curaçao.

He has heard that his surname, Curiel, is abundant in his neighbor country. To know more about this history he goes after arriving to Beth Haim the oldest Jewish cemetery of the Americas. There he sees not only the names of his ancestors engraved on the ancient tombs but also other names he knows from his birthplace and of the Jewish cemetery of Coro that his father did take care of for years. That makes him more curious about his Jewish origins. In the cemetery he meets a notable member of the Sephardic Jewish community, Mr. René Maduro who invites him to visit the synagogue and hears the history of the Jewish Sephardic Diaspora in Curacao since the 17th century.  

In the documentary, the contribution of the Sephardic Jews is reflected in the Papiamento language and its contribution to the economy, its cultural and culinary customs that reaches beyond the Caribbean Sea. Also are heard the voices of the descendants of the Jewish families in Coro, their remarkable contribution to the industrialization of the Venezuelan coastal province, the architecture, commerce and art.

The documentary Jewish Diaspora on both sides of the sea is 35 minutes long is available in three language versions, Papiamento, Spanish and English. It is an IDA_Sa production realized by the anthropologist Ieteke 'Inchi' Witteveen, and Venezuelan Cuban Armando Galindo. It had the financial support of the Prince Bernard Fund for Dutch Caribbean

Documentary about Luis Brion

Luis Brion, Almirante di Libertat
Luis Brion, Almirante de la Libertad
Luis Brion, admiraal van de vrijheid
Luis Brion, admiral of liberty


Ida_Sa ta serka pa finalisá un dokumental tokante Luis Brion, e héroe di laman. E yu di Kòrsou Brion tabatin 200 aña pasá un papel destaká den lucha di Independensia di Venezuela i Colombia i promé ku esei den Bataafse Republiek na Hulanda. E tabata lucha pa libertat, igualdat i independensia, meskos ku Tula a hasié na 1795 Por kompará Brion ku e almirante hulandes Michiel de Ruyter, pero su historia no ta konosí.

Ida_Sa pronto finalizara un documental sobre Luis Brion, el héroe naval de Curaçao. Hace doscientos años Brion jugó un papel destacado en la Guerra de Independencia de Venezuela y Colombia, y anteriormente en la República de Batavia. Él luchó para la libertad, la igualdad y la independencia. Se puede comparar Brion con el almirante holandés Michiel de Ruyter, pero su historia es desconocida.

Binnenkort voltooit Ida_Sa een documentaire over de Curaçaose zeeheld Luis Brion, die twee honderd jaar geleden een leidende rol heeft gespeeld in de Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog van Venezuela en Colombia en voordien in de Bataafse Republiek. Hij vocht, net als Tula in 1795, voor vrijheid, gelijkheid en onafhankelijkheid. Een Michiel de Ruyter uit de Cariben met republikeinse idealen.

Ida_Sa will soon complete a documentary about the Curaçao naval hero Luis Brion. Two hundred years ago he has played a leading role in the War of Independence of Venezuela and Colombia and earlier in the Batavian Republic. He fought for freedom, equality and independence. He can be compared to the famous Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter, but his history is untold.

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