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IDA_Sa of Ieteke Witteveen is a recently founded cultural company, based in Curacao, Caribbean.
Its main goal is to conduct anthropological research, - oral history and action research-, and deliver services and advice in the area of cultural heritage, safeguarding traditional knowledge, museums, tourism, neigborhood- and community participation and artist management. 
The company presents these expertises and services as Cultural Resources Management
Culture is fundamental for human development and emancipation.  
Coro en Curaçao: Joodse families verbonden door de Caribische Zee

Deze week vinden opnames plaats voor een documentaire over de Joodse gemeenschap in Curacao en Falcon, Venezuela, hun geschiedenis en het vooral op Curacao nog levend geheugen. 

Coro i Kòrsou: Famianan hudiu ligá ku otro via Laman Caribe

E siman akí ta bai graba imágen pa un dokumental tokante e komunidat hudiu na Kòrsou i Falcon, Venezuela, nan istoria i prinsipalmente nan memorianan bibu ku ainda tin na Kòrsou.

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